Friday, March 5, 2010

Financial Update....

We've really been kicking it into high gear in the last few weeks and it's really starting to pay off. As you know from my previous updates, we've made a plan of action to move into my wife's parents house to save up some money and pay off all of our credit cards. In addition, we are going to be renting out our half of the duplex that we own. And as a bonus, her parents will not be charging us anything for our one-year stay with them, although we will offer to help with the utilities. Also during this year, I will make my transition from teacher to actuary. My goal is to find a job by the end of the next school year, however, I will be looking before the end of this school year and throughout the summer. If something turns up, then I'll take it, but I'm not holding my breath. And after the year is up, we'll move to where ever I find a job as an actuary (hopefully somewhere by the ocean). On top of all that, I am also getting a second job. Stress much?

So what have we accomplished? Well, my study materials finally came in about two weeks ago. I knew I was going to need some polishing on my calculus and trig but I didn't realize how much I had forgotten. As an Algebra I and II teacher, I've lost my higher level math skills. Not to mention that I NEVER took a statistics course in college. Eek. Also, a friend of mine, who is an actuary, has offered to study with me and get me on track.

We are also taking advantage of the fact that we have little to no space at our "new apartment". So we've sold just about everything. Up to this point, we've sold about $1,600 worth of our stuff. It may not be a lot in the overall picture of our debt, but it's a credit card balance that we can wipe out. We still have more stuff for sale as well.

On the advice of Suzie Orman and Dave Ramsey, I canceled my whole life policy. My mom took the policy out when I turned 18. She had the right idea, but the wrong policy. Lucky for me now because it had built up to about $1,500 dollars. I've taken the money from that and opened up our emergency savings account through one of the online savings banks.

Finally, we've got renters for both of the duplex units moving in this month. Total advertising money spent: $5. (I had to buy a new "For Rent" sign because the other one had the wrong phone number.)

So, for now, everything seems to be working out. The only hitch that we've come across is our second dog. We have yet to find a home for her. We still have some time, but I don't know what we are going to do if we can't find a home before April 15. But just like everything else, I'm sure it will all work out.


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