Monday, February 15, 2010

Risk Management 101

Net Worth: -$250k strong *EDIT* Just found a net worth tracking gadget thanks to Change Is A Good Thing.

It’s time I get this one over with. I’m quitting teaching. This is one of the reasons why I am trying to keep my anonymity. I plan on finishing out the school year, maybe enjoy a month or two of my summer, and then start the new job. Unlike most people who leave teaching, it’s not that I can’t handle teaching. It’s strictly financial.

So, I’m going to take the actuary exam and try to use my math talents to the fullest. I love to be challenged, which is what I am missing at my current job. I can never get the kids to care as much as I do about math. I’m not “super math geek” or anything, I do have other interests in life, but I do enjoy the mysteries of the world and the mathematical answers to them.

But this change comes with more anxiety than a Southwest pilot boarding Kevin Smith. First, I haven’t had calculus in about four years. I’m sure I can still get back on that horse, but it’s going to take some refreshing. Second, I’ve NEVER even taken a statistics course! All the statistics I’ve managed to learn has been done by using my other math skills and logic and applying it. This level of statistics just might be above my head right now. Third, financially, it’s a major gamble. I have to buy all the study materials and pay for the test. I’m looking at about $300 dollars just to study for and take the test. And if I don’t pass? Another $200 bucks. This much I can tell you about statistics, the probability of someone passing on their first try is unlikely. Quite ironic that I can’t even figure out the risk of taking the first test in the field of finding the probability of risk.

I think the old me would be overwhelmed by the obstacles in my way. But not anymore.


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