Monday, February 8, 2010

Will Work For Food

Net Worth:  -$250K....Still.  This is a marathon, not a sprint

I think that the most depressing thing about being a teacher, other than the fact that kids don't truly appreciate for years later, is the second job.  Every teacher does it.  Well, almost every teacher.  Some have the benefit of the husband with the $100k plus career selling securities.  Seeing as I am the husband, my family doesn't have that benefit.  So, my wife and I have the second job.

Now, most teachers work the second job into their teaching career.  Doing this not only masks the fact that they've taken a second job, but it makes them feel better by being involved with the kids.  These jobs include tutoring, overload classes, coaching, "Head of the Department" titles, etc.  It's all extra work outside of our required job that we do because we could use the extra money.

These jobs are scarce though.  Every teacher in the building is trying to get one of the positions.  Sometimes, it's taken before you've even found out about it.  So I take what I can.  And when I get it, I wait two-three months before I even see it.  Awesome.

So, I get real second jobs.  For that last two years, I delivered pizzas.  If you want to make money fast, like right now, get a pizza delivery job.  It's hard on your car, you have to pay for your own gas, the customers are usually either dumb or drunk, or both, but you still make quite a bit of money.  But there's a downfall to a job like this.  For one, depending on where you work, it's dangerous.  Delivery drivers in my town get robbed every other month if not more.  After I was nearly robbed, I didn't even tell my wife because I knew we needed the money, but she'd make me quit.  A friend of mine was robbed by knife by a couple of kids!  And one time, a delivery driver from another restaurant was taken, tied up, beaten and robbed!  Then again, for every story like that, I have a story that would blow the minds of every teenage boy in America!  Let's just say I've been offered many things in my pizza delivery experiences.  But, once school started again, I did quit.  Like I said in a previous post, I thought we were good on money.

I'm looking again for a second job.  Just another way for us to get this debt out of our lives for good.  I don't think I can go back to delivering pizzas though.  It's greasy, I get really annoyed with customers who don't tip, it's hard on my car, etc.  I just applied at a store that I think will be fun, relaxed, and I will learn a lot.  Hopefully, I get hired.  It's strange competing for jobs with high school kids as a 30 something year old man.  My stuff on and isn't selling as fast as I had hoped.  Just got to keep coming up ideas until we get this paid off.


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